Coronavirus Safety Plan

So we can continue to focus on the care of every client with minimum stress, our Covid precautions are designed to be comprehensive, unobtrusive, and evidence based.

Measures in place at NM Acupuncture are:

  • All treatments are conducted by a single practitioner who is triple vaccinated against Covid-19 and takes a Rapid Antigen Test before each workday.

  • Practitioner wears KN95 or P2 medical polymer masks - also available to clients, or they can wear their own mask.

  • Natural ventilation and medical grade HEPA air purifiers are in use at all times.

  • Social distancing is recommended during conversations.

  • Treatment areas are disinfected between clients. Linen and acupuncture materials are single use. Clients and practitioner sanitise hands before treatments.

  • Nobody with Covid or cold and flu like symptoms should enter the clinic. 

    Thanks. Look forward to seeing you!

NM Acupuncture