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Come to our charity open day

I'm delighted to announce that some of my natural therpy colleagues and I are running a charity open day at Concord Yoga Centre on Sunday February 7. It will run from 10 until 1:30 and will feature short consultations, workshops and talks.

I will give a short talk about acupunctre and stress in which I'll show some handy self-acupressure techniques you can use in everyday life. For the rest of the time I'm free for 15 minute individual consultations where you can try out any TCM therapies you wish including cupping, moxibustion, acupuncture, electroacupunctre, ear acupuncture, tuina acupressure massage, gua sha (a skin scraping massage technique) and laser acupunctre. I incorporate all of these into my regular practice so if you are curious about one of them you can have a quick go! Of course you can also ask me any questions you want about TCM and any health concerns you have.

The charge for the day is $25 all of which goes to our nominated charity Lotus Outreach, which helps give Cambodian girls options in life through education opportunites. When you are not having individual consultations you will be able to move between group yoga sessions and other talks. To find out more info, register, and book any individual consultations please go to the Concord Yoga Studio website.

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