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You and your health are unique. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) aims to balance the body's energies to enhance your personal wellbeing. My practice incorporates gentle acupuncture with other elements of TCM tailored to your needs.

Your health is our priority. Our updated Covid Safe Plan includes:

  • All treatments are conducted by a single practitioner who is fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

  • Treatment areas are disinfected between clients. Linen and acupuncture materials are single use.

  • Practitioner wears KN95 medical masks - also available to clients, or they can wear their own mask.

  • Sanitise hands regularly and maintain social distancing when possible.

  • Nobody with Covid or flu like symptoms should enter the clinic.

  • Natural cross-ventilation and HEPA H13 filter air purifiers are used at all times.​

If you're new to acupuncture or TCM or would like more information please see other pages on this site or feel free to contact me. Thanks, Nalinee.

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