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Pregnancy Support


Nalinee supports many pregnant women with the range of issues they experience during this special time. When a new life is growing inside you changes in mind and body are part of the package, from morning sickness, anxiety and sleep disturbance to the inevitable aches and pains as junior grows.


Pregnancy affects people differently. It is important to follow medical advice, but many women prefer to minimise use of medication. Acupuncture is designed to stimulate the body’s own natural powers of restoration. Nalinee also offers pregnancy massage to promote comfort and relaxation.

Nalinee’s approach is holistic so she will address both mind and body from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective at every stage. During the first trimester, early pregnancy support aims to reduce stress as you start to experience changes and concerns, especially if you have had challenges during conception.

In the second and third trimester the growth of your baby tends to create discomfort and this can disturb sleep and digestion. In later weeks we tend to switch our focus to physical and mental aspects of birth preparation. Postnatal care is then designed for restoration, balance, and adjustment to motherhood.


Feel free to be in touch or book an initial session so we can discuss how acupuncture can support your journey.

NM Acupuncture

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