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Pain and Headaches



“If there is free flow, there is no pain; if there is pain, there is no free flow.”


(Huangdii Neijing, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine)

Pain is the main subjective symptom that many clients want to address. It comes in a number of forms and can have many causes. Often it is related to other conditions such as inflammation, muscular tension and injury. 

Neck pain.jpg

Pain can manifest in migraines and headaches, joint and muscle pain, nerve pain, period pain and post-operative pain, as well as accompanying ongoing conditions such as cancer, arthritis or fibromyalgia. 


Acupuncture relieves pain by influencing the signalling pathways of the nervous system resulting in analgesic effects. A lot of research in the area has shown positive results, and acupuncture avoids potential side effects associated with some pharmacological treatments. In a number of countries including the UK and USA it is now available for pain management in the publicly funded health system.


Given its direct effect on quality of life, treating your pain is our top priority. Please book an initial session or call to discuss how we can address your pain with acupuncture.

NM Acupuncture

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