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Tuina - traditional Chinese massage

Oriental massage traditions work on relieving blockages and improving flow through the body's subtle energy pathways called meridians. My own personal health practice started with Thai massage in 1998. Massage remains an important part of what I do because palpation can be used to see where tension is being held and this contributes to my understanding your condition from a TCM viewpoint. And massage can also stimulate blood flow to bring healing to a specific part of the body, and it feels great!

Over my career I have studied Chinese massage, deep tissue massage and Chi New Tsang abdominal massage. I commonly use bodywork as part of pregnancy acupuncture treatments as you adapt to the increasing weight of bub, and to complement acupuncture treatment of injuries and pain.


While I don't offer standalone massage (except pregnancy massage where useful for my clients) my ideal way of incorporating it into my practice is through combined acupuncture/massage treatments. These combine all the benefits of both, including relaxation and tension release.  These sessions are ideal for maintenance after completion of a course of treatment, for regular preventive health, or for people who experience recurring injuries or conditions.

In a busy world it is normal to seek healing when you have an ailment, but my number 1 tip for how I could help enhance your wellbeing apart from that would be via an acupuncture/massage treatment around each change of seasons. TCM is ideally preventive medicine. As practitioners we learn how to keep the body and mind in balance. We learn to read and then address the unique signs of imbalance that develop in all of us, and that without treatment may turn into niggles or vague conditions before contributing to more major illness. Whatever your condition, it can be enhanced!

With this aim I have designed a 4 treatments package for acupuncture/massage combined (see my services page).

NM Acupuncture

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