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Acupuncture for insomnia and sleep disorders


A good night’s sleep is one of the foundations of good health, but unfortunately today it can be a rare luxury. Given its importance, quality of sleep is a key focus of my practice.

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Not having enough or having poor quality sleep can decrease the function of the brain, suppress the immune system, causes poor mood, trigger stress responses, cause release chemicals linked to heart disease, diabetes and stroke, and disturb hormone production, which can also interfere with fertility for women and men.

In Chinese Medicine sleep is the yin period of rest that allows the foundation for yang activity during the day. Insomnia is an internal disharmony that follows different patterns for different people but interrupts the natural circadian rhythm.

My approach will consider your specific sleep experiences such as difficulties in falling to sleep, waking during the night, or waking early, along with a holistic assessment of mind and body. Drawing on 20 years of experience, I will work on your individual patterns of disharmony combined with a neuroacupuncture sleep protocol.

Neuroacupuncture is use of electoracupuncture (with mild stimulation) to directly influence the nervous system. In most cases I suggest an intensive treatment protocol that involves treatments a few days apart for the first two weeks with sessions reducing to monthly after a few weeks. This aims to alter the neurological adaptations that keep you stuck in sleep and establish a new pattern. 


To encourage clients to take the recommended intensive course I reduce my fee for the second sleep treatment within one week to $75. After the intensive period, treatments aim at shifting the underlying condition that has developed over time.

My sleep treatments also include guidance about lifestyle factors. I have summarised some of the things you can do to improve sleep here.

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