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Wellness and Health Maintenance 

Have you ever noticed a key difference between medicine and dental care in Australia? - We expect to see a doctor when something has already gone wrong, whereas dentists also encourage patients to have regular checkups and maintenance.


Naturally I see clients when something has gone wrong. But treating illness is only part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It also aims to cultivate the vital energies that improve wellbeing and underly good health regardless of your condition.


As people increasingly see wellness, feeling good in mind and body, as an aim of life, health maintenance is an increasing part of my practice. My combined massage and acupuncture wellness treatments assess and address mind-body imbalances arising from busy lifestyles. They aim to help you destress and retune your energies to optimise flow. 


Wellness sessions are suitable for existing clients after their course of treatment, or new ones looking to enhance their health (but please book an acupuncture initial consult first if you have a specific problem). If part of a TCM preventive medicine program they can be taken regularly, ideally every month or two or around the change of seasons.


Sessions combine the relaxation and muscular tension release of massage with acupuncture to balance out mind, body and emotions, addressing factors like sleep, digestion, energy levels and niggles that affect quality of life.  I assess your unique patterns and listen to your health aims to create treatments designed to boost everyday wellbeing and prevent imbalances developing into illness. 

Some clients see wellness sessions as an opportunity to explore TCM therapies like chi nei tsang, cupping, or gua sha, and sometimes we can work on a long-term chi pattern that might dispose you to recurring conditions like headaches and fatigue. In other cases your condition may need balancing in different ways each time, depending on what has been happing in mind, body and life.


Please be in touch if you have questions about the role wellness treatments can play in your health journey, or book a wellness session from my booking page. Hope to see you soon, whether or not something’s gone wrong!


NM Acupuncture

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