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About TCM

Model showing acupuncture points on the face

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been developed over thousands of years. It seeks to create balance in the body by addressing underlying disharmonies in Qi, or subtle energy.

TCM therapies seek to restore the flow and balance of Qi via acupuncture as well as herbs, gua sha (scraping), moxibustion (herbal heating of acupoints), cupping (suction), Tuina acupressure massage and Qi gong exercises.

In TCM philosophy our subtle energies sustain optimum functioning of our mind and body, but as we are continually interacting with our environment we are open to a range of influences. Some of these lead to imbalances, while some may enhance our energy.

Practitioners seek to establish the qualities of our Qi and all therapies are designed to restore balance and remove blockages to its life sustaining flow.


TCM emphasises preventive medicine. Traditionally in parts of China doctors were paid to maintain their patients health. If somebody became sick the doctor was not paid again until their health was restored. 

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