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Fertility Support


Ancient texts reveal that Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used by patients seeking fertility and natural conception for thousands of years. More recently patients have also turned to acupuncture as a natural therapy to complement IVF.

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Many IVF clients start acupuncture a few weeks before their cycle, but it is also possible to start during the stimulation phase. When the focus is egg and sperm quality treatments may start up to 3 months before stimulation. We see clients undertaking IVF for the first time and people who have had previous unsuccessful IVF cycles. 


Drawing upon over twenty years combined training and professional experience, Nalinee uses protocols specifically designed for particular stages in IVF, such as before and after medication or egg collection, and immediately before and after embryo transfer. 


Natural conception treatments consider the person as a whole and may focus on sperm quality, ovulation, menstruation and emotional wellbeing. We see men and women who want to enhance natural or assisted conception, often as a couple, and clients who are single and living in diverse family types. 


Treatments will also be tailored to the individual, and address their emotional and mental health, especially during waiting periods where anxiety naturally increases. Where there are complicating conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS we adapt our approach accordingly and we can also discuss lifestyle factors that may make a difference.

NM Acupuncture

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