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Like most acupuncturists in Australia I am trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. But TCM and other acupuncture traditions are always developing, and in my professional development activity I learn a range of effective treatment methods relevant to my clients’ needs. For instance, I may use Japanese acupuncture protocols, Tung and Tan School approaches, and ear acupuncture in some cases.


My study and clinical experience have led me to use electroacupuncture regularly. Electroacupuncture is when a mild electric current is run through needles as a way of stimulating our body’s response to them. It is like normal acupuncture but sometimes you may notice a subtle tingling sensation.


Electroacupuncture is designed to influence the flow of electrons through the body. It recognises that the body runs through natural electricity. All our key functions from pumping of the heart, breathing, immune responses and all aspects of the nervous system are regulated by bioelectrical signals.


Electroacupuncture researchers believe we can positively influence those functions by influencing electrical flow. The theory is that Qi, the vital flowing life force that all TCM seeks to strengthen, is strongly linked to the natural electrical activity of our organism. Applying microcurrents at different frequencies to different parts of the body is seen as a key modern way to enhance classical approaches to resolving imbalances and deficiencies of Qi.


I often use electroacupuncture in treatments for pain and conditions with an inflammatory or neurological aspect, for example muscular pain, headaches, digestive and sleep disorders, and anxiety. 


I also recommend earthing—regularly connecting our bodies directly to the earth’s supply of free electrons. This neutralises excessive charge and body voltage from use of electrical devices in our modern environment. More details of this new field are available from the Earthing Institute. I am happy to discuss earthing for clients who are interested.

Feel free to be in touch to find out more about how electroacupuncture can help you.

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